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Autumn Is Coming........ So Let’s Bring Back the Cinnabar Shine Matte Lipstick.

Let's talk about lipsticks.

Now, talking about the matte lipstick cinnabar shine.

Now this is my go-to lipstick, especially more in the autumn and wintertime.

Now we have six lipsticks in the range.

We have four satin lipsticks and two matte lipsticks.

The difference is your matte lipsticks are going to be matte, they're gonna have very minimal sheen, they're still not going to dry out the lips, but it's going to  give that matte look.

Then you have the satin, which is going to give you a sheen.

It's still not going to be like a liquid lipstick or a lip gloss, but it is going to give you that satin sheen.

Now, a lot of people shy away from matte because they think it's going to make their lips look older, but these are still very hydrating.

And the cinnabar shine is my firm favorite.

It is a very gorgeous, deep reddy, purplely tone that looks stunning in autumn time, with a black outfit, but it is a firm favourite.

Black outfit, cinnabar shine lipstick in matte, job done.

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