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Bomonde Is Better for You, Over All Other Leading Mineral Makeup Brands

I get asked all the time why Bomonde is better than any other leading mineral makeup company out there.

Now, I'm gonna be completely honest with you.

I did all my due diligence, I did all my research on all these leading mineral makeup companies, I looked at their ingredients, the breakdown, and the values of the company.

I did all of this, and the majority of the leading companies out there, the ingredients are 100% natural. The MICA is ethically sourced, they're vegan, they're cruelty free.

They're everything the same as what Bomonde is.

So why is Bomonde better?

I will tell you Bomonde is better because it has the refillable aspect to the brand.

You are buying a wooden pot or a wooden container, which is refillable.

Now the price points are the same, but once you have your first foundation, your first bronzer, your first eyeshadow palette, you then buy the refills moving forward, which then saves you loads of money.

You are not only saving money by converting to Bomonde because you have the refill aspect, you are also looking after the environment. You are not using one plastic container that gets used, emptied, two months later it gets binned and another one purchased.

You have your bamboo wooden pot that is refillable, so Bomonde is better because you are refilling the pots, which are saving you money and also you are looking after the environment.

I wanted to answer that for you guys because the mineral makeup companies out there are fantastic, and I used to use it all.

I have used two or three different leading mineral makeup companies in my time, they are great, the ingredients are great, and they are ethically sourced, the majority of them are.

But where Bomonde leads the way, is the wooden pots and the refillable aspect.

That is why you should choose Bomonde.

Bye for now.

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