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Break the dry skin cycle with 100% pure mineral makeup

This is how you can break the cycle of dry skin.

Now, a lot of people can be put off with mineral makeup because they straight away believe it's powder, my skin's dry, it's going to seep into my lines and wrinkles and make my dryness worse.

Now, initially, visually, it can do this, but what you are doing right now by using other thick, heavy, liquid foundations that are jam packed with chemicals, parabens and bulking agents is, you are drying out your skin continually, because these products are very drying, so it's going to make your skin more sensitive.  It's going to increase the dryness, the patches, and over time, your skin is going to become more sensitive and can even lead to things like dermatitis. This is because these products, these chemicals in these products, is what they do to our skin.

Minerals are 100% pure and natural products.

Using minerals will actually improve your skin and you can get a better, healthier skin, eliminating dryness, eliminating the block pores by using pure minerals.

This is how you can break the cycle.

If you have dry skin right now, and you want to convert to something mineral based and you want to eliminate all these artificial colourings and agents and parabens from your products, then you can do this,  it just takes a little bit of time.

What I suggest to people that reach out with this same problem is this:

we have in the range  a finishing powder, light glow. 

Now this is quite a silky finishing powder, and this is perfect to use on top of your foundation to give you that nice sheen, but it is also very good to use on dry patches.

What I would suggest is using a little bit of this product with a concealer brush. Using this on your dry areas.

If you find your skin is dry all over, then use a Kabuki brush and work it all over, then apply your mineral foundation then seal with a finishing powder.

Now that won't permanently get rid of dryness in one use, but what that's going to do is that's going to hydrate these areas, help hydrate them visually throughout the day.

But then by using this every single day and eliminating all other cosmetics that have got all the chemicals and parabens and artificial colourants in, you're going to find your skin will improve over time.

This is the only way that you can break the cycle.

If you are experiencing dry skin, tight skin, the skin feels so sensitive and you are still using a product which is filled with all these bulking agents and chemicals, then you are making it worse day by day by day.

And this can lead to really increased sensitivity and also dermatitis.

This is something that you have to do to break that cycle. 

It will take time because your skin needs to renew itself, your skin will renew and will  take about four weeks. But this is the only way that you can diminish those dry patches, fully convert to mineral makeup, and have a healthier, more glowing skin by using products that allow your skin to breathe and improve your skin over time.

Reach out if you've got any more questions, but this is how you can break that dry skin cycle.


See you later, guys.


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