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Can Mineral Makeup Improve Skin?

Can Mineral Makeup Improve Skin?

Hi guys.

It's Essjay here, and I wanna talk to you about the common question I get asked a lot which is, Is mineral makeup good for your skin, can it actually improve your skin?

Here's the truth.

Now, if every single day you are putting products on your skin, which are jam packed with chemicals, parabens, and bulking agents that are going to be blocking your pores.

This is going to add to your skin complaints, so it's going to make your skin more dehydrated, and it's going to aid sensitivity.

The pores are going to be blocked, so you're going to get more breakouts. Using products which aren't 100% natural and have all these added chemicals in are going to be bad for the skin.

On the flip side, if you switch to mineral makeup, which is 100% natural, this is gonna 1. allow your skin to breathe so you're not going to get blocked pores, 2, because it's got natural ingredients and no chemicals or no parabens in, it's going to actually improve your skin.

So yes, the simple answer is, mineral makeup can improve your skin.

Now, when we look longer term with this, If you are dehydrating your skin on a daily basis, if you are putting on foundations  which are jam packed with all these chemicals in, which is dehydrating your skin, what is that gonna lead to?

This is gonna lead to premature ageing.

Now dehydration is the number one culprit for ageing skin.

The more hydrated your skin is, the more youthful your skin looks, the slower it's going to age.

So not only is makeup going to improve your skin, it's going to slow down the ageing process as well because you are not putting products and chemicals on the skin that are going to dehydrate the skin.

So there you have it.

Mineral makeup, 100% pure mineral makeup can and will improve your skin.

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