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Did you know that BOMONDE mineral makeup was created in Lockdown.

Hi, this is Essjay the creator and founder a Bomonde, a New Mineral makeup Brand.

And I wanted to share a little bit of a backstory on where Bomonde started and why I started creating this mineral makeup brand.

Now, this actually was a lockdown project for me.

I was given so much time to be able to focus on something that I always wanted to do.  I think people forgot that in lockdown, we were almost given for that short period of time, financial freedom.

We were being paid not to work, but also having all this time. I know that wasn't for everybody, but for me, that was the case.

I was given money from the government from not being able to do my work that I normally did, I had this free time and I didn't want to be sucked in to the whole doom and gloom of lockdowns and waste that time and creating a mineral makeup brand is something that I've always wanted to do.

It's something that I've always thought about, but never, never, ever, ever in a million years, I thought I would have the time and energy to do it.

And it was a distraction to me, we all went through a really, really crap time in lockdowns. I was actually separating at the time as well, and in lockdown I moved house, moved clinics, moved my kids, it was tough. a lot of things happened in my personal life and I needed to have that escape.

I basically started creating Bomonde, which sounds absolutely crazy, but I needed something to focus on that I was in control of.

I was given that time for me to put my mind into something.

And yes, people say I was completely distracted by that, but it was what I wanted to do, to put my goals and dreams and myself first, and I absolutely loved every minute.

So yes, that is how Bomonde was created.

It was a lock down project. But let me tell you, it was a lot more mammoth than I ever expected, and it took me 18 months to finally produce my end products.

But it was a challenge that I was ready to take on.

I didn't want to be completely engulfed in the doom and gloom of things that was out of my control. This would have been a complete waste of energy for me so I got shit done. 

I am so happy I did.

I wanted to share that with you because I also think it's good to hear stories of what good has come out of lockdown..

I would actually like to say that if all these lockdowns didn't happen, Bomonde, my mineral makeup range would not be here and out their now selling to the world and serving you guys as a high range, mineral makeup range.

I am very thankful for the lockdowns..

So that is a little bit about me and why and how I created Bomonde

So see you soon guys have a gorgeous day.

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