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Do you want to be a BOMONDE ambassador?

Do you want to be a BOMONDE ambassador?

I have been approached by so many people over this last couple of weeks that are wanting to work with me and they want to work with Bomonde, which is an absolute pleasure and I’m finally feeling that all the 18 months of building this brand, it's now paying off and is getting seen, and it's so exciting.

There are people out there that are running online cosmetic stores, that have eco-friendly stalls, online platforms, or shops, and they are selling all these alternative products and feel Bomonde will fit on their shelves nicely.

These are people that are reaching out and they feel that my brand has the same values, the same ethos as what they are representing

People are reaching out and wanting to get Bomonde on board, which is amazing.

I wanna let you know that I am now accepting applicants to be ambassadors, to be influencers and to represent Bomonde.

Now this is not just anybody that wants to do it, can do it.

I need to make sure that your values, your ethos and your following will relate to Bomonde and will relate to the values that Bomonde has.

If you feel this is you, and you have a skin health clinic, you have a sustainable outlet, or you have online platforms where you are retailing things very similar, and you think Bomonde will sit on your shelves as a refillable, sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty free makeup line, then please get in touch.

Get in touch now.

Like I said, I won't just accept anybody, you have to be on the same page as me and Bomonde, but you can apply now , 

It's a very exciting time for Bomonde, because we are branching out bigger and better and are already in outlets and in makeup bags all over the world.

Also, if you have a following and you are an influencer and are looking to fill a gap that you've got for your audience, then please also reach out.

I've got some amazing opportunities for people who have got the audience there that are wanting alternatives in mineral makeup, who are aligned with the same values as what the brand Bomonde and I hold.

So please be in touch, click the link below, and I can't wait to have a chat, speak to you soon guys.


Link here  

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