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Elevate Teen Confidence with Natural Beauty!

In today's fast-paced world of social media and influencers, it's easy for young teenagers to become consumed by the way they look. We all remember our teenage years, filled with hormonal imbalances, breakouts, and the excitement of experimenting with makeup. But if you're a parent or a teenager who's just starting to dabble in cosmetics, it's crucial to understand the impact of the products you use on your skin.

In this blog post, we'll explore the wisdom shared by Essjay Hartshorn, a passionate advocate for healthy and mindful makeup choices. Hartshorn believes that the makeup choices we make during our teenage years can have a significant impact on the health and appearance of our skin in the long run.

The Makeup Mistakes of Our Youth

Do you remember the days when you first started using makeup, around the ages of 11 to 14? Essjay certainly does, and she points out that the cheap, low-quality makeup many of us used during that time might be to blame for our skin problems. The £1 liquid foundation that we used to plaster on our skin might have done more harm than good.

Understanding the Hormonal Changes

It's important to acknowledge that most people go through hormonal imbalances during their teenage years, especially when puberty hits. Hormonal breakouts are expected, but we can take steps to avoid making the situation worse. Using makeup filled with talc, parabens, and other chemicals during these hormonal changes can exacerbate the problem.

The Right Path for Teenagers

Essjay Hartshorn strongly advocates for a different approach, especially when it comes to teens starting to use makeup. She encourages parents and teenagers to choose 100% natural pure mineral makeup. According to Essjay, this is the only way to control oil production and prevent further damage to the skin.

If you have a young teen who wants to start using makeup, Essjay suggests starting them off with the right products. Natural mineral makeup can provide the coverage they need without worsening their hormonal imbalances or oily outbreaks.

Introducing the Teenage Starter Pack

To help teenagers and their parents make the right makeup choices, Essjay Hartshorn offers a reduced starter teenage pack. This package includes staple products, a foundation colour matched to your skin, a Kabuki brush, and a finishing powder. The finishing powder is available in a mattifying option for those with oily skin and a silk finishing powder for dry to normal skin.

The best part is that this teenage starter pack is currently available at a discounted price of £59.95, down from £79.45. By offering this pack, Essjay aims to set teenagers on the right path when it comes to makeup, ensuring they can maintain their self-esteem and confidence without exacerbating skin problems.


Essjay Hartshorn's message is clear: we can't change the hormonal changes teenagers go through, but we can control the makeup choices they make. Choosing natural mineral makeup over products packed with harmful chemicals can help teens enjoy clear and healthy skin, reduce the risk of scarring in the future, and feel confident throughout their high school years.

So, if you have a teenager or know someone who's about to embark on their makeup journey, consider the teenage starter pack offered by Essjay Hartshorn. It's a thoughtful and proactive way to help the next generation make healthier choices and feel great in their own skin.

Remember, it's never too early to educate our children about the importance of making mindful choices when it comes to their well-being, inside and out.

Bye for now, and here's to healthy and confident teenagers!

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