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How Long Does Mineral Make Up Last?

How Long Does Mineral Make Up Last?

Essjay from Bomonde here and I wanna talk to you about your mineral makeup lasting all day.

Now, a lot of people say that it doesn't, when they've used mineral makeup in the past, they find that it doesn't last the full day.

I wanna teach you how mineral makeup should be used and how you can guarantee that you are gonna get a full day coverage.

Now, where people go wrong with mineral makeup is they either use the wrong brush or they don't use a finishing powder.

Whenever you are using mineral makeup, you should always be using a kabuki brush.

A synthetic bristle kabuki brush will enable the product to be loaded in really well and applied to the face without losing to much powder into the air.

And then what you need to be doing is sealing with a finishing powder.

To seal with the finishing powder will actually seal that foundation and enable it to last all day.

Now you can have a finishing powder, which is a silk finish, so if you have got quite normal skin or slightly on the dehydrated side and you want that little bit of a sheen, that little bit more hydration, then you would use your silk finisher.

If you have a skin that tends to break out, more oily when you get warm, you find that you get a lot of shine there, then you would use a mattifying finishing powder.

You would pop a small amount  into your lid.

Now you can conceal first if you wish 

Then with your kabuki brush, you would put it into your lid, load it up by twisting the brush in the lid, loading the majority of that powder. Then you would do quite firm circular motions all over the face

Then you can build this up to your desired coverage. If you are just wanting a little bit of a coveragefor the daytime then just one application is enough.

If you want to  add more and get more coverage, you can apply again for an evening look, and then you've got your finishing powder.

Now I use a light glow, I don't have oily skin, and i like to have that little bit of a sheen finish.

You would do the same again apply a  small amount into the lid,even though this is colour light, it is quite translucent. It's not designed to give a colour, it's designed to seal that foundation in.Now the finishing powder is what a lot of people miss in their mineral makeup application because it's an extra product.

But this will enable your foundation to last all day.

Always use a finishing powder.

You can also use a finishing powder before your foundation, if you have got quite dry skin.

You could put a finishing powder on first, then apply your foundation and then put this on after, and that will help improve dry skin.

Okay, bye for now guys.

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