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How to Cover Those Dark Circles

How to Cover Those Dark Circles

This is something that I have always been very self-conscious of, and I've always tried to find the right concealers and the right correctors to make my dark circles less visible.

What I want to talk to you about is the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to camouflaging these dark eyes.

A lot of people will automatically go for a really thick, dense, creamy concealer on this area because they feel in their head, something thick, dense, creamy, and heavy will actually camouflage this better. Now, when it's applied and when we don't move, yes, it will.

However because our fine lines are there for a reason and our sunken areas, and our skin is thinner around the eyes, when we smile and then we relax out of it, we will get little lines of the concealer collecting in our little fine lines.

It then makes it look worse.

It then looks like you've tried too hard to camouflage these dark circles.

What you need to be looking for is a corrector, a yellow corrector.

Now using correctors cancel out certain colours. A yellow corrector is designed to cancel out the grey/ blue tones.

So this is where the correctors in makeup play a huge part.

I use the yellow corrector to correct the colouring of my dark eyes before I apply my foundation.

Now, a lot of people think powder will seep into the lines and make them look worse. When it's a powder like this, a mineral based powder, it's not got any talc, bulking agents, it's got nothing in there that is going to create the dry cloggy feel.

It's very hydrating because it's all natural ingredients.

So you won't get that.

This is what you need, the yellow corrector in the Bomonde range if you are wanting to work with your dark circles. 

So you use a concealer brush, I use the dual brush in the Bomonde range and work the corrector over the dark areas of the eyes and even on to the lid.

Then you use the foundation, i’m colour Paige , I then go over the eye area and use this as a concealer with the same brush.

Then you use your mineral foundation with your Kabuki brush all over the face to finish the concealed and corrected look.

Easy peezy and will last the whole day.

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