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How to Find Your Foundation Shade.

I wanna teach you  how you need to be testing your samples to find the right color for you.

If I was purchasing a sample pack, I would go with the medium pack, which would give me Natalie, Paige, and Kimberly.

What you would do, when you get your samples is use the easy peel on the side to open the pack. There is 0.5gr in each which will give you a couple of applications, it has an easy little peel at the side.

What you want to do is when you get your sample, get one of the colours, open it, and then with a lid, you want to be putting a small amount of powder in as we are only testing.

Then what you what to  do is use a flat small brush, apply the powder to the brush.


And apply a line of colour onto the cheek area, repeat this application with all 3 samples.

Then we can see all  three colours.

Straight away, you will be able to  see which one is the correct tone.

Once you have your chosen colour use this as a full application with a Kabuki brush and see this shade throughout the day in different lights. 

Now, what you can do is you can mix them together. Obviously it means that you're buying two foundations, but what a lot of people tend to do, when they go through times of the year when they may have a little bit more of a glow in summer than winter time when they feel a little bit more pasty is mix the colours.

What you can do is you can stick to the same foundation throughout the year, but then when you hit that time of year where you normally have more colour, you can either buy the darker shade and use that and convert completely, or you can buy the darker shade and mix it to your existing colour.

You've just made your existing colour a tiny bit darker, your own personal shade.

That is a really good, handy thing that you can do with Bomonde Mineral Foundations.

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