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Introducing the product I'm most proud of.

Introducing the product I'm most proud of.

Hi guys, Essjay here from Bomonde and I wanted to share with you today, my most favorite product, the product that I am most proud of in the Bomonde range.

Now, the reason why I'm most proud of this product is because this has been designed to the smallest little detail that I put into this original product on order.

And it came out better than expected.

My most favorite product is the Kabuki brush.

Now, if you don't have a Kabuki brush and you're using mineral makeup, then you'll be wasting so much product.

A Kabuki brush is essential. When you actually put your powder into your lid, you should be using your Kabuki brush by loading it all up into those bristles.

You get all the powder in between them bristles, and then you apply is smooth gliding motions over your skin. you don't want to just dib and load it up, you load all that powder into your bristles and then work over the face to get the best application.

The reason why this is my favorite product is

I really wanted to produce and range it's as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

So reduce the amount of plastic.

I wanted the wooden handles, the nice wooden chunky handles, and I got them.

And even the bristles I designed these, so the colour got darker as they went up to the tip

So yes, this is my all time favorite product from the range, the Bomonde Kabuki brush.

What do you think?

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