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Let Me Introduce You to Kat, One of Our Models.

Let Me Introduce You to Kat, One of Our Models.

Introducing Kat: The Real Everyday Person Representing Bomonde

Let's talk about Kat - the gorgeous face behind one of the foundation shades of Bomonde. For those of you who are new to the brand, Bomonde is all about representing real everyday people. And that's why all the models used in their campaigns are actually friends of the founder.

Kat, a friend of the founder, is the inspiration behind the second lightest shade of the Bomonde foundation range. She has a light skin tone with a slight olive tinge, and her foundation shade reflects that perfectly. It's light yet has the perfect undertones to complement her complexion.

The founder and Kat go way back. They connected through dancing, and Kat was a part of the same dance group as the founder for several years. Although they don't get to dance together anymore, they still keep in touch and support each other in their respective endeavors.

Kat is currently busy raising her little bundle of joy and juggling her new life as a mom. But despite her busy schedule, she still finds the time to support Bomonde and the founder's mission to represent real everyday people in the beauty industry.

So, if you're looking for a foundation that's not only great for your skin but also represents real everyday people, then look no further than Bomonde. And if you're curious about the Kat foundation shade, you can try it out in the light sample pack along with two other shades.

Thank you, Kat, for being a part of the Bomonde family and representing real everyday people. You are awesome!

All about Kat 

Name: Kat🤗

Age: 34

How you know Essjay: 💃We danced together at Cre8ive🕺

Favourite song: Spit it Out by Slipknot🎵

Favourite drink: 🍸Gin or Hot Chocolate🍵

Favourite film: Pulp Fiction🎥

Star sign: Sagittarius

What did you want to be when you were younger: 🤹‍♀️A Dancer or an Actress

What do you do for a living: 🤱I'm currently on maternity leave after having my son🤱

If you had a full day to yourself what would you do: 🛁As a new mum I would sleep💤But otherwise I would have a lobster hot bath with a bath bomb and read a book, I'd go for a nice hot drink somewhere and get some nice food, and I'd probably indulge in some rubbish TV to switch my mind off for a bit😴

What is your favourite hobby: 📝Writing Poems📝

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