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Product of the Month Is Kimberly Foundation

Hi everybody this is Deana.

I want to do a little review on the Bomonde Mineral makeup.

I am approaching the end of my thirties, and for years and years I've used the same makeup and I could not tell you what was in that makeup because I didn't do my research.

I bought it because it looked pretty and people said it made you look pretty, so that's why I bought it.

Now I'm approaching the end of my thirties I'm being very, very careful as to what I put inside my body so I'd be a bit of a hypocrite if I was eating clean and being healthy, then sticking loads of nasty chemicals on my skin.

Also, not to bore you, But I have set up my own business over a year ago, and I'm doing my very best to be as environmentally friendly and vegan friendly as I possibly can, and I want to give the best to my customers.

Therefore, as a customer, I expect the very best.

Scrolling through Facebook I came across a video and the video was by a lady called Essjay who has set up her own makeup business called Bomonde,I have been to Essjay before in the past for other treatments, really, really lovely lady. But from watching her video, It struck me straight away because she wasn't being all glam saying, oh, look how pretty it makes your skin.

She went behind that and she was talking about how ethical it is, cruelty free and it's a vegan range, and I'm like, that's a bit of me.

So after watching the video, I got in touch with Essjay straight away, and I said, look, I'm looking for a mineral foundation, love your video, 

What shall I do?

I don't know what colour match I am or anything, so I sent her some pictures. She sent me three samples out for the shade of my skin for what I could possibly be, and as soon as they arrived, I figured out that the Kimberly shade suited me best.

Hi Kimberly, we have the same skin.

Yours is probably much nicer than mine, but still we have the same shade skin.

I went to Manchester at the weekend and I freaking loved it. I applied, it lasted all day, went on lovely, followed the instructions, cleansed, toned, moisturised, factor 50 on this old face, and it lasted all day and it felt weightless on my skin.

It went on lovely, didn't clog up during the day.

Really, really impressed.

And the best thing about it is, it is  refillable.

How many times have you had makeup in the past, you've used your makeup and you've put it in the bin.

It can't be recycled because it's got product in it, it goes to a landfill somewhere.

So you will be saving money by buying the refills and filling this bad boy up.

So because I'm no professional, I had to get in touch with Essjay and ask her how to apply it.

She told me, I put a little bit of product in the lid, apply your Bazuki Zuki Duka brush. I don't know how you pronounce it, but I've heard to say that, pop it into your product and you twist and then ou get in there and you apply it in circular motions,

So, yes Essjay, i’m extremely impressed with your mineral foundation, and I'm really, really excited now to try myself some blush and one of them beautiful little lippy's that you've got.

So yes.

Thank you so much Essjay. You've got yourself a regular customer. Mwah.

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