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The Best Brow Palette Hands Down.

The Best Brow Palette Hands Down.

If anybody knows me and knows my background, they know that I have been in the beauty industry for over 21 years, but in my latter 12 years, I've specialised in eyebrows, in permanent makeup.

I have had so many conversations with clients week on, week out. Talking about the struggles of eyebrow pencils, people not finding the right colour, finding they're too orange, too dark, too dense, too heavy.

And what happens for most people is they just don't stay in place and a bit of sweat or oil can risk removing an eyebrow.

This was something that was really important to me when I went into manufacturing my own range.

I wanted to go down the route of creating a powder pallet.

There is a couple of reasons for this.

A powder, once it's on the skin, it will adhere better and not be thick and heavy on top of the skin.

A powder can also be built up so you can actually create more density and more darkness depending on the type of brush you use, whether you use it wet and whether you use it dry. Different techniques and brushes will create different looks.

Now I only have one eyebrow colour in the range, and it pretty much suits 75% of people because you will adapt your own technique and your own brush, and whether you go wet or dry to get that colour that you require.

It adheres far better and this was why I had to go for a powder pallet.

When applying you are best to use the dual liner and shadow brush in the bomonde brush range and like i said can apply with a wet or dry brush.

So get creative and start experimenting with the brow palette now.

Bye for now.

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