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The Dark Secret of the Cosmetic Industry

This is about the dark secret of the cosmetic industry.

Now it's quite a sad topic, but I feel like I need to share.

In a lot of cosmetic products, there is an ingredient called Mica.

Now some of you may already know this but i’m going to share a link so you can actually do your own research on this.

So Mica is an ingredient where 70% of it comes from the mines in India.

Now, unfortunately there is a lot of people who are using child labour to source the Mica.

So people are estimating that there's about 22,000 children that are being paid pennies to go into small mines, small caves, some even dying and getting breathing problems and being put under real extreme situations to source Mica.

I wanna stress to you and I wanna share with you that the Mica in our Bomonde products, I have done checks throughout the production line that my Mica is not sourced from any mine in India that use child labour. I have done all my checks in the production line and have a signed declaration through the company I work with, that my Mica is reliably sourced.

Now it still doesn't stop the fact that this is happening, but I wanted you to be aware of this, because I have had this question pop up on my chat feed quite a lot online, on my website and I wanted to put that message out there to my following. I want to reassure you and let you know that the Mica that I have in my ingredients does not come from any production or any mine in India that uses child labour.

If you wanna find out more about what is happening in these mines in India to source Mica, then what you can do, you can go onto a website called, and that will give you a little bit of education about what is happening. i really wanted to put that to rest with you guys.

This is all about,  Eco-friendly, vegan, pure natural ingredients. And there's no way that I would put anything in my pots if I knew children were being unfairly treated to get that end result.

So there you go.

See you soon, guys.

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