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Their Wooden, Their Chunky, Their Synthetic. The Bomonde Brush Range

This brush range has gone down an absolute storm. Trust me once you have these in your makeup bag, you will never look back. 

Now  all the brushes come with a hessian bag. There is no one use plastic there. This is all making sure that we are looking after the environment and being as eco-friendly as possible.

The full complete brush set has eight brushes.

What I'm gonna do today, is I'm going to talk about the four bigger brushes and explain a little bit about them and what they can be used for.

First I wanna talk about the actual brushes and the fact that they are eco-friendly, they are vegan, and they're cruelty free.

The reason why they're obviously eco-friendly is because we are reducing plastic.

We're reducing the amount of plastic in the product as well as the packaging of the product.

Now synthetic hair is obviously the way that this was always going to go because we don't need to be using real hair for the bristles Synthetic is far better to use than real hair anyway, because it's not as porous, so it  doesn't hold as much product in the bristles. Your application is better and they stay cleaner for longer.

So the big  4 big brushes.

These four brushes are in the complete makeup set,but can be purchased have a large powder brush.

You have the large angled powder brush.

You have the medium angled powder brush

you have the medium powder brush.

Now it is all down to preference.

I do like a chunky brush, but I do find that I go more angled with my brushes.

Now a lot of people like to use an angled brush when they're coming to do their contouring, their blusher as the angled bristles are positioned to make the application easier.

Going for a medium angled brush will give a more defined contour. And your larger angled brush will be less defined.

If you are wanting to go for overall courage, say you've got a bronzer, you've got a highlighter and you just want that sheen all over, then what you'll probably find is the big powder brush would be the better option for you, but it is all down to preference.

I am definitely an angled brush girl, because I feel like when I hold it, it's already in the position for me, but I don't shy away from using my big chunky one as well, when I wanna get a bit of bronzer all over.

Let me know which  is your go-to brushe?

Are you an angled brush kind of gal or do you go for your flat fatter brushes?

Now these can be purchased individually through our online store, but also these four come in the eight brush set.

Which one is your favourite?

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