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Vegan Award Winner 2022 for Our Mineral Makeup Foundation

Vegan Award Winner 2022 for Our Mineral Makeup Foundation

I am currently sat on my floor in my living room, which looks like a warehouse right now because I am prepping for a vegan market that I'm going to this weekend, but I wanted to share some exciting news with you.

Bomonde's Mineral Foundation has been awarded the Best Foundation by the Vegan Awards.

The mineral makeup that I created way, way back that I launched a year ago has been recognised as being the best mineral Vegan foundation. It is absolutely incredible that a small company that I have created is now being recognised along these huge, big mineral makeup companies out there.

I wanna thank you.

I wanna thank all my customers, all my models, everyone that has supported me. But I also wanna thank myself as well

Being a small business owner, creating something, manufacturing something, trying to get out there to the world is very, very, hard, my sweat, blood and tears has gone into creating this.

The amount of rejection I've had by other companies not wanting to stock my products, the setbacks, printing issues, the manufacturing issues, it is absolutely mammoth.

 I wanna thank ‘me’ for carrying on, getting my head down and having these bigger long term goals in place to actually give you guys something that can stand proud along and amongst these other mineral makeup companies out there. So there you have it, the Bomonde Mineral Foundation that I created and I manufactured that has my name on it, that has Bomonde on it, is the number one mineral foundation, the winner of the vegan awards.

Can't get better than that.

See you soon guys.

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