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Where the Hell Do I Place My Highlighter?

It's Essjay here and I wanna talk about highlighters, where you need to put your highlighter.

A lot of people get very confused on where they should be placing it.

I'm gonna teach you now.

So in the Bomonde range, we have two highlighters, We have Mica Melt, and we have Quartz Kiss.

So  the Mica Melt  is very iridescent When the light hits it, you can see, you have got the very iridescent pearly tone with, pinks and purples  coming through.

Then you have your Quartz Kiss, my favorite, his one here is a more golden highlighter. There's a lot more of a goldish shimmer to this and gives that sun kissed golden glow. 

When you are applying a highlighter, what you need to be thinking is you need to be thinking on where the light is going to hit you.

We need to be applying a highlighting to the cheekbones, the nose, and maybe the jawline if you have a strong jawline like me. This way when the light hits it will give that highlight and define those areas I use  the small angled brush in the range. With this brush you get a more defined sharper look.

That is how and where you apply your highlighter.

Have a good day.

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