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Why I had to choose this dolomite quarry as my back drop for my Mineral Makeup

Now this is a dolomite quarry,  quite close to where I live and when I was creating Bomonde, I really wanted it to be showing and representing throughout the brand, minerals. We all know minerals are ingredients that are mined from the earth so what better place.

In mineral makeup we have a lot of products that have plant extracts and seed extracts etc however, predominantly it is minerals.

So why not choose a dolomite quarry for the backdrop?

This is where it all started or well it started a good year before this, but this is when the reality for me really kicked in. When I was with my photographer, doing the photos here with all the models and it was like, holy moly, shit's got real.

What I did want to  share is when I first started researching mineral make up, I found that so many mineral makeup companies were using a lot of greenery in their backdrop for their photos or on their logo to represent their brand.

It was all very green and leafy you know? And even though that obviously does tell us it's natural, I still felt that it wasn't showing minerals.

It wasn't showing mineral powder, it wasn't actually giving that feel for me.

That is the one thing I wanted to change, that is the one mould I wanted to break

When I say minerals and when I hear minerals, I think of a quarry, I think of products mined from the earth.

And that is exactly why I chose this as my backdrop.

And one of my products is named after dolomite as well.


What do you think?

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