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Why My Brand Is Called Bomonde, Have You Figured It Out Yet?

I wanna talk you about the name Bomonde now a lot of people have been asking, where the hell did this name come from?

Let me start from the beginning.

When I set out to do this mineral makeup brand, I knew I wanted it to be vegan, cruelty free, all mineral based and knew I wanted it to have that real earthy feel about it.

And I also wanted it to be eco friendly and refillable.

Now, when I was starting off with names, I'm like, let's just call it Essjay, Essjay mineral makeup. 

And I just thought, you know what?

I need help.

I actually reached out to an awesome guy, Russ Turner, who is a branding specialist and said, right, here is everything I need Bomonde to represent, help me

Basically going right from scratch, going through my values, my goals, what I wanted this makeup brand to be shouting.

We got it all on paper, he worked his absolute magic and we came up with the word Bomonde.

And the reason why we came up the word Bomonde is :

‘Beau’ in French means beautiful and the word ‘Monde’ in French means world and earth and everything that's included in the earth.

What better name to use on my labels, on my boxes, what better name to use than Bomonde?

Obviously I made it more English and didn't go for the B E A U, so I went for the English butchered version Bomonde. And yes, that Bomonde itself is basically explaining the beautiful world.

And it really does show that in the brand.

Now you know that you'll be able to see all these little traits in the brand and the values and what I put out there, which are referring to the love of the earth.

Obviously the circle emblem we see is representing the world and also looks like a fingerprint as well.

So that is why I went for Bomonde and it took a long time to get there but working with a brand designer was golden, they are specialists in their field.

If we want a brand to sit on the shelf and actually be able to stand out against the other brands out there, we need to work with somebody.

And I did not doubt one minute that Russ would not be able to deliver.

So yes everything about it, even, the internal packaging of the boxes, are all the colours of all the beautiful minerals that we see, all the oranges and all the warm tones that we see from the earth.

All these little details that I put, into the brand is representing the love of the earth

So yes, that is it, I wonder if you figured it out.

I wonder if you know a little bit of French, whether you actually figured that out and when you read the word Bomonde.The word Bomonde and my brand name Bomonde came from the French word, ‘Beau' and ‘Monde’ which means beautiful world.

Did you figure it out? Let me know

I hope that resonates with you, and I hope now you can now see the love and attention throughout me, the brand and the values that my cosmetic company is, and will continue to be.

Thanks for reading guys.


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