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Why there is no SPF in my products, it has no benefit to protect your skin.

Essjay from Bomonde here.

I wanna give you a little bit of knowledge about SPF in your foundations.

Now I've been asked this a few times, why I haven't got an SPF in my foundation range.

Now this is gonna surprise you.

However, I am a skincare specialist and have been in the skin industry for over 20 years.

That is my background.

An SPF 20 in your foundation is doing Jack shit.

It will only work and protect your skin against aging, if you are going to be out sunbathing.

If you are wanting to protect your skin against aging, you need to be protecting against UVA rays as well. And you will find that all foundations out there on the market and a lot of these day moisturisers that say added SPF have only got an added SPF in UVB protection.

That will only work and protect your skin against the burning or the tanning.

Now, we want to protect our skin against aging as well.

So you should always be using an SPF broad spectrum, UVA and UVB protector., whenever you are going outdoors, no matter what time of year is, because if there's daylight out there, the UVA radiation is still going to be aging your skin.

So when you see an SPF in a foundation, it says SPF 20, and you think, oh, that's going to protect my skin against aging, it's not, it will only protect your skin against tanning or burning that day, which obviously does age us, but UVA rays  are out there all year round.

Having an SPF 20 in a mineral foundation is not doing anything to help prevent aging for you.

This is why it's not in my product because it's a waste.

You should be using something on a daily basis, which has got an SPF minimum 40 or 30 broad spectrum, or it should say UVA and UVB.

So check your labels now and if you are a consumer and you go out looking for a foundation and you look at a product that says SPF 20, and you think, oh, well that one is better than this one. It is irrelevant.

It will only work better if you are going to have that on and be out there in warm heat, in the summer tanning heat.

If you are doing it as protection against aging your skin, it is going to do diddly squat.

Check your products now and see what yours says and chances are, I am right and none of these  foundations with an added SPF will be broad spectrum or will be a UVA and UVB protector.

This is where my advantages of being a skin aesthetician has helped me massively to get the product, the Bomonde mineral makeup range that I wanted.

On a separate note to that, make sure you are using an SPF every single day, all year round..

If you want any advice, reach out, but check your packages now, because I could put my money on it if it says SPF 20 on your mineral foundation or on your foundation, it will not be broad spectrum.

It will just be a UVB protector.

See you later, guys.


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